Wednesday, December 3, 2014

How To: Cut Grapefruit so it's easy to eat!

Grapefruit is so incredibly good for you, filled with antioxidants, and so much more. Eating 1 grapefruit a day was proven to reduce LDL Cholesterol by 15%! Grapefruit also helps improve your skin and heart health! But we all know it can be a pain to eat!
It's difficult to scoop out the meat with a spoon or fork, squirting juice all over the place, all for something that has a bitter flavor. This really used to make me not want to eat it, but then I discovered an easy way to cut and prepare my grapefruit that makes it easy! And no mess!!
Start by cutting BOTH ends off your grapefruit, then using a knife, simply carve away the outer skin. This leaves you with a big ball of grapefruit meat! Cut into small bite size pieces and your done!
I like to store my grapefruit in a container, sprinkled with a little sugar!