Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Shrimp Alfredo Pasta

This is a super quick pasta recipe that is great for those last minute dinner ideas or busy moms!

I started by "marinating" my shrimp. I love using pre-cooked shrimp, its a fast and easy way to eat shrimp without having to cook them from raw. I just buy the Shrimp Coctail platers and freeze them. I just take out what I need and put the rest back in the freezer!
I thawed my shrimp, took the tails off, and put them in a ziplock bag with some salt, pepper, garlic powder, and red pepper flakes! I left it in the refrigerator for about 3 hours, but marinating for an hour would be just fine. 
   When I was ready to start cooking my pasta I just threw them in a small pan with some coconut oil on low heat, until my pasta was finished boiling. Then I turned the heat to High and added in some spinach and cooked until the shrimp were nice and brown!

I used Rotini Pasta, (mostly because I was out of fettecini) and added in my favorite alfredo sauce! 

This is such a simple meal that takes about 15 minutes to prepare! It was definitely a hit in my house!

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Healthy Mornings - Green Smoothie


  • Handful of Spinach
  • 1 Cup Orange Juice
  • Handful of Frozen Peaches
  • Handful of Frozen Strawberries
  • Handful of Fresh Blueberries
  • Half of a Banana 


I always start by blending up my spinach and orange juice FIRST! Just to make sure the spinach is fully blended and doesn't leave any leafy chunks in your smoothie!

Always make sure you use some kind of frozen fruit! This will help your smoothie feel like a smoothie rather than a juice!

You can also PREMAKE your smoothies! Just add your Fruit and Spinach in a ziplock and put it in the freezer! Then all you have to do is add some Juice and banana to your blender!

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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Brow Routine!

Brows are so important and can completely change ANY look! Even if you're not wearing any makeup at all, filling in your brows can make you look so much more put together!


1. COMB YOUR BROWS!!! Please, please please! Always comb through your brows before you start filling them in. Use a spooly brush and get your hairs where you want them! Also using some brow wax is a great way to keep your hairs in place!

2. I always start by underlining my brow. Getting the bottom line precise and set is essential in getting a good brow!

3. Fill in the "tail" or the very end of your brow. This part should be slightly darker than the front of your brows, in order to make them look more natural!

4. Using small strokes use the left over product on your brush to fill in the front of your brows, using upward flicks in the very front! 

5. After you're finished filling in your brows, make sure to comb them again! Just to ensure all is blended and looks natural! 

TIP: If you think you messed up or want more definition, use some concealer to carve out the end tail of your brows! 

      I absolutely LOVE this brow mousse by Tarte. I've been using this for a few years now and I love it! I also use the angled brush that comes with it! :)

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Foundation routine for the "Masked" girls!

I recently started Dental Assisting school and I found that my regular liquid foundation was NOT working well with wearing a mask all day. Every time I changed my mask there was makeup all over the inside, and my chin and cheeks were left with smeared/blotchy makeup. This was really bothering me so I decided I needed to try something else!

I used to use Bare Minerals foundation when I first started wearing makeup at 13 years old, but I slowly quit using it over the years and started trying new things. 

I decided to give it a go, one more time, because my mother uses this foundation and told me how long wearing and transfer resistant it was. 

  I use self tanner, so my body is much darker than my face, so I use a combination of shades. When I am fully self-tanned I use the shade "Medium-Tan(c30)" and when I am my natural pasty white I use the shade "Fair(C10)" and as my tan fades throughout the week I mix the two together to create a custom shade to match my body!

 On days where my foundation is a little bit lighter I will add some bronzer to my face to warm up my complexion as well as contour. I love using the "Benefit Hoola" And on days that I am pretty dark I love using a peachy blush to give my face some color! I love the elf Blush in "peechy keen"
 Here's the most important part!!! A setting spray is ESSENTIAL if you want to make your makeup last all day. I love the Urban Decay setting sprays! Since we are using a powder foundation this also helps the powder settle and not look like you have a bunch of powder on your face. Thus, making it look much more natural!!
I usually pair this foundation look with a really simple eye, usually just a shimmery shadow and lots of mascara! Perfect for everyday work makeup! 

I HIGHLY recommend this foundation routine to anyone who has to wear a face mask all day! It stays in place and doesn't rub off on things that touch it!

This is my typical work/school makeup! <3

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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Helios Reusable Hand Warmers

I just recently discovered these AMAZING heating pads at our local Spring Fair. These are perfect for athletes or just the every day aches and pains! This company makes a bunch of different sizes and shapes but these are my favorite for small areas! 

Here's what the Helios Warmer website says about their product:
"The Helios Heater heating pads are the ultimate heat solution for pain relief, reducing tension and keeping yourself warm while outdoors or at home. The incredible Helios Heater can be used over and over again. just Press a floating coin inside the heat pack and within seconds, you have a fully activated 130° heat pack."

Each heating pack starts in liquid form on the inside, but when you pop the small coin they quickly crystallize and become instantly hot!

The heating pad heats up to 130 degrees, and stays warm for 20-120 minutes! After they are cool, just boil them in a pot of water until they return to their original liquid state and you're ready to use them again! Boiling usually takes about 10 minutes.

After boiling, the product will stay hot for a short time, so no need to pop the coin until the heating pad needs reheated! Just use the heating pad right out of the boiling water until cooled and then pop the coin! You will get double the heated time!

I absolutely LOVE these! They are so convenient and there is no waste!! 

Check out the Helios Heater website to see all the different kinds! 

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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Belgian Waffle Desert Recipe

This is a super simple Belgian Waffle desert that will leave your guests thinking you were a top desert chef in a high end restaurant! 

This desert is really simple to make, and totally customizable to your liking! 

What I use: 
Starting out, you will need -

Belgian Waffle - I got a package from Costco that come individually packaged that already have butter and syrup baked inside the waffle. They are great for quick on-the-go breakfast and this desert!! But you can also use frozen or fresh, which ever you prefer. Just pop it into the toaster and you're ready to move to the next step!

Chocolate Spread - After the Waffle is done toasting you need a chocolate spread to put on top. I love using Nutella or Almond Chocolate Spread. 

Cool Whip - I recommend using just store bought cool whip, but you can use home made whipped cream if you prefer. Cool whip just holds the fruit a little better than whipped cream. 

Fruit! - I love using strawberries that have been marinated in a little sugar over night, as well as fresh blueberries! You can use any fruit you like!

This recipe is totally customizable to what you and your guests prefer! It's something the whole family will enjoy! 

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