Thursday, May 8, 2014

Helios Reusable Hand Warmers

I just recently discovered these AMAZING heating pads at our local Spring Fair. These are perfect for athletes or just the every day aches and pains! This company makes a bunch of different sizes and shapes but these are my favorite for small areas! 

Here's what the Helios Warmer website says about their product:
"The Helios Heater heating pads are the ultimate heat solution for pain relief, reducing tension and keeping yourself warm while outdoors or at home. The incredible Helios Heater can be used over and over again. just Press a floating coin inside the heat pack and within seconds, you have a fully activated 130° heat pack."

Each heating pack starts in liquid form on the inside, but when you pop the small coin they quickly crystallize and become instantly hot!

The heating pad heats up to 130 degrees, and stays warm for 20-120 minutes! After they are cool, just boil them in a pot of water until they return to their original liquid state and you're ready to use them again! Boiling usually takes about 10 minutes.

After boiling, the product will stay hot for a short time, so no need to pop the coin until the heating pad needs reheated! Just use the heating pad right out of the boiling water until cooled and then pop the coin! You will get double the heated time!

I absolutely LOVE these! They are so convenient and there is no waste!! 

Check out the Helios Heater website to see all the different kinds! 

Hope you enjoyed today's post!
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