Wednesday, January 29, 2014

ORLY Beach Cruiser Polish

Current Polish Obsession!

So, Small post today but I thought I should mention the polish I've been loving recently! Since it is still Winter time I've been wearing a lot of darker polishes like - ESSIE "Mind Your Mittens" - but sometimes you have to spice it up!! I love my dark polishes but recently I've been wearing this bright florescent pink color by ORLY. I fell in love with this polish last summer after searching high and low for the perfect neon pink. I finally found it at SALLYS Beauty Supply. And recently I've rekindled my love for it! 

Just some background on my nails- I had acrylic nails for 3 years straight and so now my nails are destroyed, so getting polish that actually stays on my nails and doesn't chip off is a real task! I despise painting my nails so polishes that chip off within the first 3 days just don't work for me. 

Now on to the good stuff!!- 

ORLY Lacquer 
Color - Beach Cruiser
.6 Fl Oz

I use 2 coats of this polish and top with my Seche Vite Top Coat. I usually get about a week and a half worth of wear before the chipping begins which is amazing with my nails!! 

If you are looking for a great fresh, clean, bright pink color for spring I definitely recommend this polish!

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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

NAKED For Brown Eyes!

Urban Decay 
Naked Basics Pallet

URBAN DECAY COSMETICS have been very popular within the last few years but why? Well it is because of their NAKED Pallets. If you're not familiar with the Pallets there are 4 so far; NAKED, NAKED 2, NAKED BASICS, & NAKED 3.


Today I'm going to give you some incite on which pallets are better to purchase and I will be reviewing the NAKED BASICS pallet. 

So for starters I personally have Brown eyes, so my opinions will be based around that. I don't think that us Brown eyed girls get enough love. A lot of tutorials or reviews you see on places like YouTube or Blogging Sites are from those with Blue/Green/Hazel eyes. We all know that each eye color has certain colors that compliment them best but I feel like Brown Eyes are very unique. Many eye looks  that are created look wonderful on Blue or Green eyes, but I find when I do them to myself something just looks off.. 

For Brown eyes I would recommend the NAKED 2 Pallet. The NAKED 2 pallet is full of great Golden Bronze shades that really compliment brown eyes. I use my NAKED 2 pallet every day along with my NAKED BASICS pallet.   

 So on to the NAKED BASICS review! Unlike the other NAKED pallets this one only has 6 shadows. 5 Matte colors and 1 sheen. $27.00 at or your local beauty store! 

Venus - Soft creamy white highlight shade. Great for highlighting the inner corner of the eye as well as the brow bone.
Foxy - Yellow toned matte shade. Great matte brow bone highlight if you have a shimmery eye look. Its always good to balance out the eye. If you are wearing a shimmery lid or crease make sure to balance it out with a matte highlight. 
  W.O.S - Light pink nude shade. Also great for highlighting the brow bone or using as a transition color right above the crease to ensure a smooth and blended eye look.
Naked 2 - Cool toned light nude. I use this as my transition color every day. This color makes any shadow blend seamlessly into the crease.  
Faint - Cool toned brown with some warmth. Great for deepening the outer V, but should be used on top or under a shimmer color to get the best bledablity. By using a small amount of shimmer, the glitters in the pigment will help distribute the matte shade evenly and blending will not be an issue for you.  
Crave - Matte Black. Great for deepening the outer V as well, and also great for smoking out the lash line! I use mine over top of my pencil liners to give a softer, smoked out effect! 

Overall this is a great pallet, but the NAKED 2 pallet has many of the same shadows or shades that really do the same thing. I think overall I would recommend to someone with brown eyes, who does NOT own any of these pallets, to purchase the NAKED 2 pallet. NAKED BASICS pallet is really just great for those who have ran out of the basic colors in the NAKED 2 but don't want to have to repurchase the same pallet. I personally have used up all my Neutral shades in my NAKED 2 pallet but still have the shimmer colors left, that is the only reason I reach for my NAKED BASICS pallet every day. 

So what's the verdict?? PURCHASE THE NAKED 2 PALLET!! Get the most bang for your buck! NAKED 2 Pallet is $52.00 and you get 12 shades as well as a dual ended brush. 
(I use mine every day!!)  

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xoxo, Michelle

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Monday, January 27, 2014

Healthy Flavored Water

Need Help Getting Hydrated?

Drinking water is super important. Water helps with weight loss as well as cleansing the body of toxins. Some people say drink 2-3 liters of water every day but guess what!? Everyone's body is different! The best way to know if you are drinking enough water is..looking at your urine! It may be gross, but the color of your urine will tell you exactly how hydrated your body is. If your urine looks like Apple Juice, you are dehydrated and need to up your intake of water! The color your looking for is LIME JUICE, not Lemon Juice!  Sometimes it is hard to drink that much water every day, but by infusing some great flavors, it makes it a little easier to get your daily dose of water! I find myself drinking 3 to 4 more bottles of this water than I ever would regular water. 

Great fruits to use are..


Great metabolism boosters you can add are..

Cinnamon Sticks
Mint Leaves

I always use my Blender Bottle, but any water bottle will work! I love using the Blender Bottle because of the metal ball inside, it's a great way to mix up all your fruits! If you start to lose flavor just give it a shake and the Blender Ball really helps release all those flavors!! Just cut up a few pieces of fruits, add some mint or cinnamon and drink away!!

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Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Reusing Candle Jar's:

If you are like me, you may have a bunch of candles that are almost completely burned up but you don't want to waste that little tiny bit of yummy smelling wax at the bottom that wont burn anymore. Candles are expensive and wasting any of it can be a real heart breaker. Here is a great tip, throw your candle in the freezer for at least an hour and then pop the left over wax out of the bottom of your jar, after you do that you have an empty glass jar and some wax you can burn in a Scentsy (no flame wax melter) 
I always save the glass candle jars because there are so many great DIY projects you can do with them, such as Makeup Brush Holders, Flower Vases, Centerpieces, and my favorite the Nail Polish Display.

DIY: Nail Polish Display

This easy DIY is a great for storing nail polish or giving it as a gift! There are lots of different ways you can decorate these jars and by adding some nail tools along with the polishes inside makes them great for gifting! I love putting my favorite nail polishes inside and displaying them on my bathroom counter. It is a cute decoration as well as easy access to my favorite polishes! All of the candles I use are the 3-Wick Candles from Bath and Body Works, but any candle jar will work!

Step 1: Make sure your candle jar is clean. Put it in the freezer for at least an hour to loosen the wax. Remove all the wax and clean the jar with a little bit of dish soap! You can leave on the candle label or remove it. You can also decorate the jar with glitter or anything else you prefer!

Step 2: Choose your favorite polishes! I used all my favorite ESSIE polishes and included my favorite SecheVite Top Coat in the middle. - If you are using this DIY for a gift, some great ideas would be just choosing 2-3 polishes and filling the rest of the jar with mini nail files, cotton balls, nail jewels, or any other nail accessories that you want!

Step 3: Make sure all your polishes fit into the jar and display away!! 

Polishes From  Essie:
"Mint Candy Apple"
"Set In Stone"
"Bahama Mama"
"Sexy Divide"
"Mind Your Mittens"
"Good as Gold"

Seche Vite:"Dry Fast Top Coat"

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Friday, January 17, 2014

Morning Routine: Breakfast/Workout

Nature's Path Pumpkin Flax:

I'm not the type of person who wakes up in the morning and wants a bunch of food for breakfast. I want something quick and easy. Cereal is a great option but its hard to find a cereal that is good for you and tastes good too! Well, look no more because I found it!! It's the "Nature's Path Organic FLAX PLUS Pumpkin Flax Granola" I found mine at Costco, but it is in local grocery stores in smaller quantities. (You may want to get the smaller box to try it out before going to Costco and getting the 2 bag box.)  It's a great source of Fiber, Protein, Whole Grain, and Omega-3. On top of this cereal being great for you, it tastes great too! It is pre-sweetened so no need to add sugar or sweetener! I'm the type of girl who loves sugary sweet cereal and with this I don't have to add any extra! 

Costco: $7.99

Starbucks Chai Tea Latte: 

We all know that we LOVE Starbucks but sometimes in the mornings I don't want to drive all the way to Starbucks just for my morning coffee. So by just random mixing I discovered a way to make a Chai Tea Latte at home with some really great products! I couldn't believe how much it tasted like the Starbucks version so I had to share how I did it! 

Tazo Chai Tea Bag & Maxwell House International Cafe French Vanilla

Tazo Chai Tea Bag
1 Spoon full of sugar or sweetener
2 Spoon fulls of Maxwell House French Vanilla Powder
1 Tablespoon of Milk


First make the Tea as normal. I just put my water in the microwave to save time, but you may also boil the water on the stove. After the tea has steeped, add Sugar, French Vanilla Powder, and Milk. 

Stir and Enjoy!!

Morning Workout:

So in the mornings I love to do a quick little workout that will get my heart rate up and start my day. Some days I do more than other days but recently I have been getting my workout ideas off of PINTEREST . The trending workouts on Pinterest are the "30 Day Challenge" I love these because its very organized and you build up your endurance every day. It also gives you a great way to track your progress throughout the 30 days. Below are some of the workouts I have been doing in the mornings.. Check it out! 

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Thursday, January 16, 2014


Top Left: Christmas Ring. 
Bottom Left: Quarts Mountain with my hunny
Top Right: B&W Selfie!
Bottom Right: Snow Run
Middle: iPhone Photography Flowers
Top Left: RAM Steakhouse  
Bottom Left: Sunset Bay Oregon Coase
Top Right: LUSH Haul
Bottom Right: B&BW Candles
Middle: Friends Wedding 
Top Left: Oregon Coast Silhouette  
Bottom Left: Current Morning Workout
Top Right: Oregon Coast Sunset and Trees
Bottom Right: French Press- Salem, Oregon
Middle: B&BW Mint Chocolate Candle

Welcome! My name is Michelle Mitchell and I am from the state of Oregon but recently moved to Washington. I love beauty, home decor, food, iPhone-photography and travel. I wanted to start a blog so I can share my favorite products, recipes, and experiences! I have a wonderful family who lives in Oregon and wonderful boyfriend who I live with in Washington. I love Instagram and post almost every day,and I invite you to follow me to see more photos of my life! We try to be as active and fun as we can and I hope to share some great things with you! Hoping these collages give you an idea about my life. Enjoy!