Thursday, July 3, 2014

How To: Fix Fake Tan Oopsies!

We've all committed the dreaded "Fake Tan Mess Ups" but don't worry! There is a solution to each problem!

Fake tanning is an art, and something that you WILL NOT get right the first time.

Everyone's skin is different, so tanning products will react differently with your skin type. 

You just have to search until you find the right tanning product for you!

Here are some of my tips to fix your fake tan mistakes!

Fake Tan Mistake #1: The dreaded "I tan my arms but not my hands" Palm Line!
This is by far one of the worst fake tan mistakes! It screams "YES I FAKE TAN!" You want your tan to look natural, not like you just dipped your arm into a can of orange paint.

Take it easy when applying self tanner around your wrists, make sure you aren't spraying directly onto your wrist. Just blend from the middle of your arm down to your wrist. This will ensure an even gradual transition. 

Also, please tan the TOP of your hands! It's the WORST when you have really tan arms but your hands are white as a ghost! 
 A lot of people are afraid of tanning their hands because they don't want to get the "Weird Orange Knuckles" 

Spray some self tanner on a cotton ball and blend it into your hands, starting at the wrist and moving outwards towards the fingers. Also, you SHOULD have a line where your tan STOPS along where the thumb connects to your wrist. Just make sure it is a blended line! Please don't tan your palms!! :)   

Fake Tan Mistake #2: The Patchy/Flaky Tan

This is another tanning mistake that is very common. This happens for a few different reasons. 
1. You didn't moisturize prior to applying your tan.
2. You didn't moisturize the day AFTER you applied your tan.
3. You didn't exfoliate/shave immediately before applying your tan.
4. You went into a chlorinated Pool/HotTub, or sat in water too long. 

If this happens to you, well, there's no salvaging it. Start over. I recommend using a sugar scrub or a coffee scrub as well as a luffa sponge to remove the tanner COMPLETELY!
Make sure you exfoliate/shave/moisturize before you apply your self tanner. Also make sure the next day, after your tanner has set for recommended amount of time, you rinse off in the shower(NO SOAP OR LUFFA!!) And Moisturize your skin IMMEDIATELY after you get out. Also, when you are drying off, make sure you are using PATTING motions, not rubbing! Rubbing will remove your tan because your skin is wet!
DO NOT try to apply more self tanner over the top to "cover it up" You will have an even bigger disaster!

Fake Tan Mistake #3: The Fake Tan Mustache

This is really horrible, and TOTALLY avoidable! A lot of girls tan their face, and that's great if you don't wear makeup ontop. Obviously you want your face to match the rest of your body. BUT, you take the risk of committing this terrible mistake. Fake Tan comes off easily, its temporary! If your face is oily/sweaty/full of makeup, your self tanner WILL COME OFF PATCHY! 

Don't tan your face! If you are scared of getting the fake tan stache, buy a foundation that matches your skin when it is tan, as well as a shade that matches when you are not tan. 
That way, as your tan fades you can start to mix the two shades and match your body at any shade! GENIOUS! 

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     Happy Tanning!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Shaving: You're doing it WRONG!

So, obviously we all shave (hopefully) and we all have a pretty similar way of doing it. Put shaving cream on, shave it off. But there are a few things a lot of women don't do in order to get the best shave possible! If you're just putting on Schick Skintimate shave cream and Bic shaving it off, you're probably NOT getting the best shave and there are a ton of things your missing out on!

First thing: Get rid of that nasty shave cream! 

Reason 1. Yes they are cute and smell delicious but, they clog your razor, so you're not getting the closest shave you could be getting.

Reason 2. It DOES NOT moisturize your skin well enough. Wonder why you get razor bumps or dry irritated patches after shaving? It could be because of your shaving cream.

Reason 3. Store bought shave cream has a TON of chemicals in it. When you're shaving your skin you are allowing all those chemicals to have easy access into your skin. (Hence Reason 2)

Here's a list of the ingredients in Skintimate Shave Cream:
Water, Palmitic Acid, Triethanolamine, Laureth-23, Propane, Isobutane, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Mineral Oil, Stearyl Alcohol, Cetyl PEG/PPG-10/1 Dimethicone, Fragrance, PEG-200 Hydrogenated Glyceryl Palmitate, Glycerin, Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E), Red 40, Yellow 10.  

Second Thing:  Throw away those cheap razors and buy a mans razor!

For years I have used the Schick Intuition Razor. I always loved it for the first few weeks but after that it got very dull and wasn't giving me the same results. But of course I continued to use the same razor head because the refills for the Schick Intuition is $16.99 sometimes more. Which is ridiculous. So one day I used a Gillette Razor my boyfriend didn't use, and it works AMAZING! Obviously men have courser hair than women so men's razors are designed to give a closer shave and tackle tough hair! 

Third thing: Exfoliate FIRST!

This is the step that most women DO NOT do, but it is the most important! Exfoliating your legs BEFORE you shave is the key to long lasting, smooth legs. By exfoliating the dead skin off your legs before you shave ensures that your razor is only having to shave through HAIR not dead skin. Dead skin acts as a barrier, and prevents you from getting a close shave. I recommend a Sugar scrub or a Coffee Scrub pre-shave. Although it does feel funny exfoliating hairy legs, it will make a world of difference!  
Click Here to see how to make a DIY Coffee Scrub!!

Fourth Thing: Use Coconut oil!!

Using coconut oil as your "shave cream" is AMAZING!

1. There are no harsh chemicals - Using coconut oil will prevent you from getting any weird rashes, bumps, or clogged pores!

2. It's water repellant so it won't wash off before you get to shave!! -  I always felt like I was wasting so much shaving cream because I would put it all over my legs but when I got half way though shaving the shower had washed most of it off!

3. It moisturizes your skin. - So after you get out of the shower you don't have to apply a moisturizer! 

4. It's WAY cheaper than buying expensive shaving cream every other week! - Those little bottles of shaving cream always seemed to go way too fast! (Or I was just using too much)

   Hopefully these little tips will make your legs smooth as a baby's butt! 
Happy Shaving:)