Tuesday, June 24, 2014

How To: Sparkling Clean Tub

Dirty tub calking bumming you out? Me too! 
Since we moved into our apartment I've been trying my hardest to clean up the tub, but nothing was working! Mold and mildew was built up underneath the calking all around the tub and it was absolutely disgusting, but nothing I did would make it go away! Until now!! 

So, I know this isn't something most people want to admit to, but most people tubs are kinda nasty. It's a hard thing to avoid. Calking is very difficult to keep clean, white, and free of moldy stains because it is constantly getting wet. (Obviously) lol 

I was researching on Pinterest how to get a good clean on tubs, and I found a few blogs that said they went out and bought long cotton rolls, soaked them in bleach and let them sit on the calking overnight and Viola! No more stains! But they also said this was a messy process, dripping liquid bleach everywhere, etc. And knowing myself I knew I was going to make a big, fat mess/bleach stains EVERYWHERE! So I was thinking that I was going to go out and buy those thing but then I opened my laundry cabinet...

CLOROX makes a Bleach Pen that I LOVE to use on my whites for small stains. It is a gel formula that has 2 different application ends. So I thought, hey this is bleach, why not try putting this on the calking and see what happens? 

Well it works!! No need to go out and buy cotton and liquid bleach, no soaking, no mess!! Just apply the gel right onto the moldy areas and leave it over night! In the morning when you take a shower just rinse the area!! 

Happy Bleaching! ;)

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

DIY: Coffee Scrub

So, I was quite the skeptic about these coffee scrubs, because I thought, what was the difference between a sugar scrub and a coffee scrub? They both seem like they would exfoliate but I had never used a homemade scrub all over my body.. I preferred the Victoria's Secret Body Scrubs but I recently ran out so I decided to try this out!

I've heard SOO much about the FRANK Coffee Scrub, but I would NEVER pay money for something I could make right at home. Especially since I drink coffee everyday, so I always have grounds to use!

I did some research and decided on the ingredients I wanted to use! This is a great recipe because you SHOULD have all of these ingredients in your kitchen already! 


1 Cup - Coffee Grounds
1/4 Cup - Coconut Oil
2 Teaspoons - Cinnamon (optional)
1 -  Steeped Green Tea Bag (optional)

In a resealable container (I use Old Candle Jars for everything) add in Coffee Grounds, Cinnamon, and Green Tea. (I just cut open the tea bag and scraped the leaves out) Mix ingredients together, then slowly start to add in melted coconut oil. Add small amounts at a time, you may not need the full amount. It is purely personal preference. I don't like mine to have a lot of oil in it.

Make sure it is completely mixed together, and set aside to set up, or use right away!


Rub hard in circular motions over desired areas. Preferably areas that are rough or have cellulite. Then rinse with cool water!

WARNING! This will make a mess in your shower, but it is easily cleaned! 


  • Do not use before self tanning! The coconut oil does sit on your skin after you wash it off, so it will not allow your self tanner to apply correctly! If you do wish to use this as a scrub before Self Tanning, either make a batch WITHOUT coconut oil, OR use a luffa to scrub your skin clean of any excess oil before getting out the the shower!
  • I LOVE the way this makes my face feel, but be very careful using this on your face. If you have sensitive skin only use ONCE a week! This is very abrasive and could possibly damage delicate skin if overused. 

Happy Scrubbing!! <3

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Crisp Cucumber Salad!

So, I know it's been a hot minute since I have posted but I really wanted to share a great healthy snack I've been loving recently! I used to eat this ALL the time growing up, and since I have been doing the Advocare 24 Day Challenge I have been STARVING between meals. This is a healthy, light, quick snack! So refreshing for summer time! And best of all it helps hold me over until my next meal! I am currently in the "Cleanse-Faze" so everything is being flushed out of my body, thus leaving me so hungry!! Anyways, hope you enjoy this simple snack! :)

"Crisp Cucumber Salad"
  • 1/2 of a Slightly Pealed Cucumber
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Red Pepper Flake
  • Light Ranch or Olive Oil/Lemon Juice Mixture (optional)

Add all ingredients to a bowl and enjoy! This is so addicting and refreshing!! A great healthy, snack you can take anywhere with you! 

Happy Clean Eating! :)