Tuesday, June 24, 2014

How To: Sparkling Clean Tub

Dirty tub calking bumming you out? Me too! 
Since we moved into our apartment I've been trying my hardest to clean up the tub, but nothing was working! Mold and mildew was built up underneath the calking all around the tub and it was absolutely disgusting, but nothing I did would make it go away! Until now!! 

So, I know this isn't something most people want to admit to, but most people tubs are kinda nasty. It's a hard thing to avoid. Calking is very difficult to keep clean, white, and free of moldy stains because it is constantly getting wet. (Obviously) lol 

I was researching on Pinterest how to get a good clean on tubs, and I found a few blogs that said they went out and bought long cotton rolls, soaked them in bleach and let them sit on the calking overnight and Viola! No more stains! But they also said this was a messy process, dripping liquid bleach everywhere, etc. And knowing myself I knew I was going to make a big, fat mess/bleach stains EVERYWHERE! So I was thinking that I was going to go out and buy those thing but then I opened my laundry cabinet...

CLOROX makes a Bleach Pen that I LOVE to use on my whites for small stains. It is a gel formula that has 2 different application ends. So I thought, hey this is bleach, why not try putting this on the calking and see what happens? 

Well it works!! No need to go out and buy cotton and liquid bleach, no soaking, no mess!! Just apply the gel right onto the moldy areas and leave it over night! In the morning when you take a shower just rinse the area!! 

Happy Bleaching! ;)