Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Million Dollar Tan

Searching for that perfect tan without the rays? I've found it!

Sunless tanners are so essential in so many girls lives now, but I think a lot of girls are choosing the wrong ones. I used to be that girl. I've tried countless sunless tanners or gradual tanning lotions. Some worked fine, but never gave me the tan that I was looking for. Usually they were too orange or bronze. Drug store tanners are usually the culprit of these orange, Oompa Loompa tans. 

These are the things, directly from the website, that Million Dollar Tan Claims:

I completely agree with EVERY statement!

How I Apply:

  1. ALWAYS exfoliate in the shower before application. I recommend using a body scrub. I use one from Victoria's Secret, but any course chunky abrasive scrub will work. Even DIY Sugar scrubs!
  2. ALWAYS moisturize before application. I recommend this Vaseline Spray and Go Moisturizer. I use it every single time I tan. It's great because its a spray and non-greasy. << That's SO SO important.
  3. Use Gloves or a Tanning Mit. I prefer latex gloves, just because it is easier for me to rub in the product without streaking. The company sends a brush with the product when you order it, but I really don't prefer it. 
  4. Work in Small SECTIONS! This is super important. Don't just go crazy and spray your whole arm with the spray. It will dry before you can rub it all in and you will have a streaky area. On my arms and legs I work in 4ths. (Top of my forearm, then the bottom, then the top of my upper arm, Ect.)
  5. Let dry completely before putting on ANY Clothing. If I am just doing my arms, usually I just wear a bandeau top or an old tanktop while applying and for a while after. 
Helpful tips:

  • I ALWAYS tan past my wrist, up onto my hands. It helps make it look more natural and blend. BUT! DO NOT spray directly onto hands or feet!! That would be WAAAY to harsh. After I am done tanning everything, I take off my latex gloves and dry my hands. Using a cotton ball I spray a SMALL amount of product on the cotton ball and dab if on my hands and blend it out! This will really help make the transition from your dark arms to your hands nice and even and GRADUAL! 

  • Make sure you are moisturizing throughout the week! Keeping your skin moisturized is how you are going to make your tan last as long as possible. Using a light moisturizer!

  • My tan usually last for about a week, of course getting lighter everyday. 

I totally recommend this product to ANY ONE! There are a lot of different options on the website and there is something for everyone! I'm probably forgetting to mention a ton of stuff, but I'm being rushed by my boyfriend to leave for vacation. lol 

If you have any questions, please leave them below or on my Instagram and I'll answer them! 

Hope you enjoyed today's post
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xoxo, Michelle