Friday, March 7, 2014

Stylin' Locks.

Hair is super important to me. I've always been known for having really healthy long hair, and I really take pride in trying to keep my hair in great condition. I love trying new products so that's why I only have 2 STAPLE hair products/styling tools. Keeping your hair healthy is really important and it all starts with washing and conditioning of course, but a lot of people forget how important after care is! After you get done washing, your hair is at its most vulnerable. Most people go straight to styling, either with hot tools, or just throwing it up wet with an elastic. PLEASE DON'T!!

Immediately after I get out of the shower I cover ALL my hair with the "I'ts a 10 Miracle Leave-In Product"  mostly focusing it from mid-shaft to ends of my hair. Without combing through yet, I twist my hair up in my towel and get dressed (usually about 10 minutes) Then I comb through my hair and let it air dry while I do my makeup.
 I have a dry scalp lately so I do spray it around my roots as well, but if you have oily hair I would recommend staying away from your roots with this.  This is my HOLY GRAIL product. I've been using this for over 3 years and I will never stop. That's a promise! 
The product claims it does 10 different things, but here are the ones that I really notice this product doing to my hair:

- Repairs Dry, Damaged Hair
- Adds Shine
- Detangles 
- Stops Hair Breakage 
- Creates Silkyness
- Thermal Protection

I ALWAYS let my hair air dry while I get ready. Usually it is about 70% dry before I start using my "NUME Classic Ionic Dryer"  My hair is very thick and straight, so all I have to do is dry my hair using a flat paddle brush and it comes out straight. Which is great because using a dryer AND a Flat Iron on your hair is REALLY REALLY hard on your hair. Also, always make sure you are using a thermal protectant on your hair anytime you are styling your hair. I love this NUME dryer. I highly recommend ALL NUME products but this dryer in particular.
Here's what NUME says about this dryer:

"Less heat means healthier hair. NuMe’s revolutionary Ionic Hair Dryer is proven to prevent frizz with Negative ion Technology while restoring health and locking in moisture in 40% less time than a conventional dryer."

I completely agree with this statement and really noticed a difference in my hair since I've been using this dryer. I've had this dryer for over 2 years, and it is still in perfect condition. They are pretty expensive but there are TONS of coupon codes that literally cut the price IN HALF! I think I got mine for like $80.00 instead of $179.00? A lot of YouTube gurus, like Casey Holmes and Jaclyn Hill have coupon codes for NUME, so go check out their channels on YouTube. 

These photos weren't taken that far apart. As you can tell I had VERY blonde hair and went to a pretty dark brown. There was no damage on my hair and it's because of the way I take care of my hair. I had bleach blonde hair for many many years and never had major damage. 

Some mistakes I see a lot of girls making are:

Using very TIGHT elastics to tie up hair: I used to do this all the time until I realized that it was BREAKING my hair. When you're using a really tight elastic, whether your hair is wet or dry, it will create friction on your hair and break those pieces off where your band is. That's why many girls experience breakage throughout the mid-shaft of their hair, as well as a "dent" in their hair after releasing the hair from the elastic. 

Not using a heat protectant: This is super important if you are someone who blow dries your hair and then uses a flat iron or curling iron on your hair. Using that much heat on your hair without protectant is the MAIN source of damage. Your hair shaft is being opened up and burned. Causing breakage, split ends & fallout. 

Using a Brush on wet hair: PLEASE don't use a brush on wet hair! When your hair is wet its has a lot of elasticity, so when you're using a brush you are pulling it to the max and then snapping it off or stretching it out. By using a wide tooth comb you can detangle as well as save your hair from being stretched! 

Hope you enjoyed today's post
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