Monday, March 31, 2014

Anastasia Lavish Palette Review:

Anastasia Beverly Hills are widely known for their brow products, but recently they have been coming out with some awesome eyeshadow palettes! Here are my thoughts on this palette! 

So, recently the Anastasia Beverly Hills Lavish Eyeshadow Palette was put back into stock on the Anastasia website! This was such a desired palette during the holiday season, but after the holidays were over they took it off the website. 
They are now selling the left over palettes from the Holidays while supplies last! So if you are interested in this palette go get it now! 

 Anastasia is sold at Sephora as well as online at but this palette is exclusively sold on the Anastasia website. 

Starting off, let's go over the colors you get in the palette..

Top Left -> Right

Cream- Light Pale Yellow-toned Matte Shadow 
Antique- Silver/Grey Metallic Sheen Shadow
Rum Cake- Rusty Copper Brown Metallic Sheen Shadow
Moss- Green Shadow with finely milled sparkle
Truffle- Brown Copper Shadow with finely milled sparkle

Bottom Left -> Right

Ballet- Light Pink shadow with white glitter
Orange Soda- Orange cream Matte Shadow
Sienna- Red/Brown Matte Shadow
Pink Sapphire- Pink/Purple Metallic Sheen Shadow
Black Diamond- Black shadow with gold glitter

Overall I think this is a great palette, but some of the shades I most likely will not use. I only wanted this palette for 5 of the shadows
(Rum Cake, Sienna, Orange Soda, Ballet & Cream) 

This is a great palette for almost ALL eye colors and skin tones!

I recently watched a tutorial on YouTube by Jaclyn Hill using these shadows and that is what really made me purchase this palette. This video shows how to get a great smokey eye, without using blacks or dark shadows!

Don't forget this is a limited time offer on So don't miss out! If you do miss out I know that it is also being sold on Amazon, obviously for a more expensive price. 

Hope you enjoyed today's post!
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xoxo, Michelle