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10 Date Night/Weekend Ideas [Washington Ideas Included!]

After being in a relationship for a while or even in a new relationship, it's really difficult to keep things interesting and think of new things to try together. It is really easy to get into a routine, so it is super important to explore and try new things as a couple!

We live in Washington, in Pierce County, so I will include some local ideas we really enjoy! We just recently moved to Washington from Oregon, so finding things to do has been a challenge without knowing where we are!

Before I start slinging around ideas, there are somethings that are SUPER important that should be said.

1. Always go into an activity or date with an open mind! It's so important to do this because no one wants to go on a date with someone with a bad attitude!

2. Make sure it's something you BOTH want to do. If one person wants to do something but the other person doesn't...well that usually doesn't work out... 

Exhibit A:        

Girls, just because YOU think something is fun, doesn't mean you man will think it is! Don't submit yourself to the complaining and agony of trying to make your boyfriend do something that he hates... 
Although I know he really did enjoy this ;) 

^ This is his "I'm Miserable" Face ^


Date Ideas!

1. Exercise
  • Scenic Walk/Hike - Grab your water and sneakers! Find a great mountain or forest and take a hike! (A great mountain in the Washington area is Tiger Mountain, great for hiking and trails!)
  • Local Gym - We live in an apartment, so we have a gym in our complex we love to go to together, but you can go to a very small local gym and get a membership for really cheap!
  • Trampoline Nation! - This is obviously for the young at heart, but it's a great way to burn some calories. It's a big room full of trampolines! This is in Federal Way, WA. But there are similar types of places all over! (Check your local areas!)
2. Find Something you both are interested in! 
  • Go to a Car show! - Car shows are really popular during the Spring and Summer months and usually free or a small fee to enter!
  • Car races - Races are always fun and usually fairly cheap. You can also get dinner and desert right at the track!
  • Dirt Bikes - Go to a bike shop and look around at all the new bikes, or go to a race! (Seattle Supercross is coming up in April!)
  • Music - We both really love music and since we are close to a lot of different venues that hold concerts, we love to go watch! You can get nose bleed tickets for cheap online on ticketmaster.com. The Tacoma Dome, The Puyallup Fair, and local business always have really great concerts in the Washington area.
3. Classic Dinner & Movie
  • Groupon - If you haven't heard of GROUPON you need to check it out!! They have great coupons for restaurants and you can specify your location and get great deals in your area!
  • Try a new Restaurant! - We LOVE food, so trying new restaurants is a must! 
  • Go out for desert instead! - To save money, going out for desert is a great choice! Make dinner at home, then go out for desert!

4. Go to a Museum  
  • For the more curious couple, museums are so fun! We love learning new things and seeing authentic pieces of history!
  • Museums are usually cheap and there is a museum for EVERYTHING, so no need to be bored with a generic historic museum.
  • EMP Museum - We LOVE the EMP! It is located in Seattle and has tons of Media/Music/Movie things inside! 3 levels of awesome movie props, musician memorabilia, and Media throughout history. Great for the movie/media buff couples!

5. Beach/Outdoors
  • Hiking - Find a great mountain and explore it together!
  • Coastal Beaches! - We absolutely love the coast. It is one of our favorite places to be! We love walking the beach and looking at all the touristy trinket shops along the way! (We love the Oregon Coast as well as Ocean Shores in WA)
  • GROUPON - Groupon has great deals on Beach front hotels and cottages! Getting a hotel on the beach can be expensive, so look around for coupons!
6. Go to a Different City for the Weekend!
  • Pick 3 - For a cheaper way to discover some new things in the city, start by looking online together! Pick 3 activities you KNOW you want to do and budget for those 3 activities! (Planning usually always makes a trip go a little smoother!) 
  • GROUPON - Like I've been saying, Groupon has TONS of discounts on hotels all over the map! 
  • We LOVE going to Seattle. There is so much to do, and it's a great way to get out and see some diversity!
7. Go to the Zoo!
  • Most cities have a Zoo close by. It's a fun way to get outside and see some cool animals! 
  • Rainy Day Discount - At our local zoo there is a "Rainy Day Discount" so if it's drizzling outside you get a discount on your admission! Check with your local zoo and see if they have something similar! 
  • Most Zoos/Wildlife Parks have food as well! So you can eat a cheap meal, get desert, and look at animals all in one stop!
  • Picture Booth! -  Most parks also have pictures booths! These are always fun and a great way to keep the memories!
8. Netflix Marathon!
  • Pick a Show! -  Pick a show you both have never seen and watch 2-3 episodes together when you have time! This is a great way to just relax and watch TV without fighting over what to watch! 
  • POPCORN -  Pop some popcorn get some drinks and sit, relax, and enjoy each others company!
9. Go Camping
  • Now, I know camping isn't for everyone, but it is so much fun! Even if you are staying for just 1 night! 
  • Sleep in the truck bed! - If you're not into sleeping in a tent, or its raining; but your man has a truck with a canopy.. Sleep in the bed! We love doing this! It's a great way to stay dry! Make a comfy bed in the bed of the truck with lots of blankets and pillows!
  • Bonfire - Have a bonfire! Get cuddled up and roast some marshmallows together!
10. Go House Hunting!
  • We recently just did this and it was a blast! We got the notice that it was time to re-sign our lease at our current apartment and we thought, lets just look at some cute houses!
  • Start out online! - We love looking a Craigslist.org and finding house we want to look at. Write down the address, grab some coffee and go look at a bunch of houses! 
  • It's always fun to plan for the future! Doing this together can give each other a better idea of what you're looking for when you do decide to move into a home! 

Hope you enjoyed today's post!
Go have fun with your HONEY! <3

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xoxo, Michelle