Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Tips for Growing Healthy Hair:

Using the right products is the main key to having healthy hair. If you have short hair or long hair, using products that promote strength and growth is the key to happy healthy hair. 

It all starts with what you use in the shower!!

 Using Paraben-Free shampoo is so important! I love this shampoo by MATRIX BIOLAGE. This is the Color Care Shampoo, great for color treated hair like mine! I highly recommend this shampoo line to EVERYONE!            

Use a good hydrating conditioner! I love this Organix Argan Oil Conditioner. This is a great conditioner for dry, breaking hair. This conditioner is very thick and makes my hair soft and restores shine!

Shower Rules:
  1. Start scrubbing from bottom to top - By starting at the nape of the neck and working up, I found it gives me more volume in the end!
  2. Use cool water! - When you rinse your hair, make sure you are using very cool water! When you use hot water, your hair shaft opens, just like pores do, allowing more breakage and does not leave your hair smooth and shiny. 
  3. Let your conditioner sit! After applying conditioner, let it sit on your hair for about 5 minutes while you do other things! This will really give it time to sink in!
  4. Do NOT twist&squeeze your hair to remove water! When your all done washing and conditioning, a light squeeze to get the excess water out will do! By twisting, pulling & squeezing you're just adding more strain on your delicate wet hair.
After Care:

Every time I get out of the shower I always do a few things to my hair before I let it air dry..

After I get out of the shower I usually put my hair up in a towel for just a few minutes, then take it down and spray in my "It's a 10 - Leave-in Product"  This is an absolute MUST for me. This helps detangle my hair as well as other added benefits like heat protection and shine. 

I ALWAYS use a comb on wet hair. This is very important to help reduce breakage or stretching of your hair. 

After I've combed through my hair I spray my ends with the "Organix Keratin Oil" This has done WONDERS to my hair. I can tell a huge difference in my ends when I haven't used it! It helps repair split ends and keeps my hair looking and feeling SO healthy!!

If I feel like my hair is extra dry on the ends I will use a small amount of my "Josie Maran Argan Oil" I just put a small amount in my hands and run it through my ends for some added hydration! This oil can also be used all over the body and face!! 

 Before styling my hair, I always try to let it air dry about 60% before using any kind of Hot Tools on it. I always just use a hair dryer to blow out my hair straight. I try to only use 1 hot tool on my hair a day. This really helps me with controlling damage. 

I've been using permanent color on my hair for many years now, but I've always managed to keep my hair as healthy as possible. Even going from a bleach blonde to a very black. 
Here are some photos of my hair throughout the years!!

Hope you enjoyed today's post!
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