Monday, April 7, 2014

Spice up your BURGERS:

Who doesn't love a good burger? 

Burgers are a food you can customize to your liking, or just stick with the classics. I love grilling and cooking with the BBQ and we just recently got a brand new one! I was so excited to start grilling!

Burgers are an essential in our house hold. They are easy to make, and usually you always have the ingredients you need.

I'm sure everyone knows how to make a burger, so I won't write it all out, but I just wanted to give you some different ideas to spice up your next homemade burger!


  • Seasonings are SO important! If you are using the store bought frozen patties or making your own patties, seasonings are the key to a juicy flavorful burger. Obviously the basic Salt & Pepper are great, but using things like Garlic Powder, Steak Seasoning, and Spicy Pepper Flake Seasoning will really step up the flavor of your patty!
  • Try something other than Mayo! I love using dressings. If you like a kick to your burger I love the Hidden Valley - Southwest Chipotle Dressing! It gives great flavor and an added KICK! 
  • Blue Cheese is also a great dressing to try out instead of MAYO! It gives your burger a rich, creamy, cheesy taste!
  • Try different Buns! The standard burger bun can get a little boring, so try out some different kinds of bread! I love Potato Buns, Pretzel Buns, & Kaiser Buns!
  • Load on the fresh Veggies! Pairing your rich cheesy flavorful patty with some fresh crunchy veggies is what makes a burger, a burger! I love fresh Romaine Lettuce, Tomato, & Crunchy Pickles! Don't cheat yourself on getting in some good veggies! Pile them on to give your burger some balance!

What's a burger without great sides?
Kettle Brand Potato Chips came out with some new flavors that are to die for!!

Going Out?:
If making your burgers at home isn't your thing, and you would rather have someone else make it for you, I HIGHLY recommend The RAM Brewery. They have 22 different kinds of burgers, Freshly Brewed Beer, and great deserts! It definitely gets 5 Stars in my book! My personal favorite off the menu is the Stadium Burger... YUM!

Hope you enjoyed today's post!
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xoxo, Michelle