Thursday, April 24, 2014

How to: Using Coconut Oil Everyday

Coconut oil is obviously a HUGE trend recently, but a lot of people are still nervous to try coconut oil in their everyday life! I was definitely one of those people for a long time. I was most hesitant to use it in my cooking, because I didn't want it to alter the flavor of my dishes. I really dislike most coconut flavored things, so I thought by adding it to my food would ruin the flavors I love. I was WRONG!! 

It's all about the kind of coconut oil you buy!! 
Spectrum Organic Coconut Oil is ideal for cooking and baking because it has a mild neutral flavor. I've been using this oil for about 4 months, replacing ALL my cooking and baking oils, and I can never taste a coconut flavor in my foods. 
Another great thing about replacing your cooking oils with coconut oil is that there is no ratio change! Just use the same amount of coconut oil as you would any other oils! So no difficult math! ;) 

I recently made box brownies using Coconut oil instead of Vegetable oil, and they came out perfect! No weird coconut flavor, no change in texture, just yummy creamy brownies!! 

What are the benefits of using coconut oil instead?

There are obviously COUNTLESS things you can use coconut oil for other than baking, but here are some that I really LOVE! 

  • DIY Hair Mask - This is great for girls who want an inexpensive hydrating and repairing hair treatment! Liquefy the coconut oil by popping it in the microwave or hot water, then apply all over hair and scalp! Leave it on for an hour, then wash it out! This leaves your hair silky, shiny, and healthy!  
  • Body Moisturizer - Rub coconut oil all over your skin for a healthy moisturized glow!
  • DIY Lip Balm - Now, there are a MILLION different ways you can make coconut lip balm, but i just prefer straight out of the jar onto my lips! But, you can put it in a pot with some added coloring or essential oils to carry around with you!
  • Makeup remover! - This is a great alternative to store bought makeup removers! Take a small amount on your fingers, massage it onto your eyelids and lashes, and then wipe away all the gunk!! Viola!
  • Oil Pulling - This is starting to become a popular craze. Basically you swish oil in your mouth for 5-20 minutes then spit it out. This is supposed to help strengthen teeth and jaws, prevent mouth diseases, prevent bad breath, as well as a million other different things! I have not yet tried this, but I've been very curious! With some more research I think I may just try it out!!  
Hope you enjoyed today's post!
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