Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Target Candle Find!

I just purchased both of these from Target, and I'm in love!!  

Recently I've been LOVING burning candles and Wax Burners. I've always been the Bath&Body Works lover because their scents actually smell like what it says. I could never find a candle from a store like Target or Walmart that didn't smell like crayons, so Bath&Body Works was my go to candle store. Until now!! 

I recently purchased a wax burner from Target, which I use to melt the last little bit of wax from all of my B&BW candles. But, I decided I wanted to try the Wax Melts that were at target that went along with the Wax Burner I purchased. The brand is Chesapeake Bay Candle. Along with the wax melts they have corresponding candles, which I thought was really helpful in trying to choose which wax melt I wanted to purchase. I started smelling all the candles first and decided what scent I liked then chose the wax melt. These wax melts only cost around $5.oo! 

I love clean, fresh, floral scents; especially for my living room. This candle really stood out to me among the huge wall of candles, One, because of the packaging, and two, because of the name. I absolutely LOVED all of the scents in this line. They are all very fresh and clean, as well as true to what they say they smell like! 
This one is a fairly large 3 wick candles, but they also have single wick candles in the same scents! The 3 wick candles are almost $11 and the single wick are around $6! That is an awesome deal compared to Bath&Body Works Candles. 

This candle almost immediately changed the scent in my living room when I lit it. The scent is definitely strong, but not overpowering. Leaving your livingroom fresh and smelling like Magnolias!! <3

Hope you enjoyed today's post!
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