Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Home Decor Candles

I just recently decided that I was going to redo our living room, after moving in only 7 months earlier...Crazy I know, but I wanted a change. So after scouring Pinterest for hours I finally decided on a good look that I am really enjoying. Our apartment is painted a very ugly tan/cream color making decorating very difficult, especially because I am a huge fan of WHITE CLEAN spaces. So I picked up a few different decorative "Candle/Smellgoods" that I am super impressed with! 

Bath & Body Works-  3-Wick Candle - $22.50 -  "Lilac Blossom"

I am a huge fan of the Bath & Body Works "Fresh Picked" collections. I really prefer fresh scents that are simple and CLEAN! I really love lemon, mint and floral smells.
I have Lilac Blossom in my living room and I LOVE it! First of all, how cute is this packaging? This will be an awesome jar to use after I burn up all of the wax.(DIY Candle Jar) It's so fresh and if you are familiar with Lilac, this is absolutely true to scent! It smells like you have bouquets of fresh picked Lilac in your house. The scent does travel pretty far around our house but our apartment is pretty small ;)  
Bath & Body Works - Concentrated Room Spray - $5.50 - Lemon Mint Leaf
Target - Wax Melter - $16.99
While I was buying candles from Bath & Body Works, I thought about how much I hate burning candles ALL the time to have the house smell good. I was considering a "Wall Flower" but remembered that an open plug-in is a hard thing to find in our house lol. So I decided I would try a room spray.
I HIGHLY recommend these! I didn't know if it would work like I wanted it to, but to my surprise 2 pumps of this concentrated spray was almost too much!! I sprayed each room and the scent lasted for a few hours. This is great for when your expecting company and you don't have time to burn a candle and wait for the scent to fill the room. It's a pretty small bottle, but a little goes a LONG way!

So next thing I bought was this Wax Burner. I knew for a long time that I wanted a wax burner because I have a lot of candle wax from my B&BW candles that are left over after the wick burns out. I wasn't going to spend money on the "Scentcy" burner, so while I was walking around Target looking for more decor for the house I found a bunch of different little wax burners. This one really caught my eye because it looks like a cute little Mason Jar. Target had over 20 different styles, so there's one for everyone! It's super easy to use and so cute!! My only complain is that the cord isn't very long :/ but I made it work!

We have a fireplace, so I was wanting some tall candles to put on the end of the mantle but couldn't find what I was envisioning anywhere! But, while I was looking at the Wax Burners I saw these and thought they were pretty cute! They came as a set of 3, all different heights. They were only $19.99 so I thought what the heck! They come with the candles inside, they are "Vanilla Sugar Cookie", not my favorite smell, but I won't be burning these candles anyways. I think these were a great deal, and a good small accent piece to the end of my mantle decor.

Hope you enjoyed today's post!
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xoxo, Michelle