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Reusing Candle Jar's:

If you are like me, you may have a bunch of candles that are almost completely burned up but you don't want to waste that little tiny bit of yummy smelling wax at the bottom that wont burn anymore. Candles are expensive and wasting any of it can be a real heart breaker. Here is a great tip, throw your candle in the freezer for at least an hour and then pop the left over wax out of the bottom of your jar, after you do that you have an empty glass jar and some wax you can burn in a Scentsy (no flame wax melter) 
I always save the glass candle jars because there are so many great DIY projects you can do with them, such as Makeup Brush Holders, Flower Vases, Centerpieces, and my favorite the Nail Polish Display.

DIY: Nail Polish Display

This easy DIY is a great for storing nail polish or giving it as a gift! There are lots of different ways you can decorate these jars and by adding some nail tools along with the polishes inside makes them great for gifting! I love putting my favorite nail polishes inside and displaying them on my bathroom counter. It is a cute decoration as well as easy access to my favorite polishes! All of the candles I use are the 3-Wick Candles from Bath and Body Works, but any candle jar will work!

Step 1: Make sure your candle jar is clean. Put it in the freezer for at least an hour to loosen the wax. Remove all the wax and clean the jar with a little bit of dish soap! You can leave on the candle label or remove it. You can also decorate the jar with glitter or anything else you prefer!

Step 2: Choose your favorite polishes! I used all my favorite ESSIE polishes and included my favorite SecheVite Top Coat in the middle. - If you are using this DIY for a gift, some great ideas would be just choosing 2-3 polishes and filling the rest of the jar with mini nail files, cotton balls, nail jewels, or any other nail accessories that you want!

Step 3: Make sure all your polishes fit into the jar and display away!! 

Polishes From  Essie:
"Mint Candy Apple"
"Set In Stone"
"Bahama Mama"
"Sexy Divide"
"Mind Your Mittens"
"Good as Gold"

Seche Vite:"Dry Fast Top Coat"

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