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NAKED For Brown Eyes!

Urban Decay 
Naked Basics Pallet

URBAN DECAY COSMETICS have been very popular within the last few years but why? Well it is because of their NAKED Pallets. If you're not familiar with the Pallets there are 4 so far; NAKED, NAKED 2, NAKED BASICS, & NAKED 3.


Today I'm going to give you some incite on which pallets are better to purchase and I will be reviewing the NAKED BASICS pallet. 

So for starters I personally have Brown eyes, so my opinions will be based around that. I don't think that us Brown eyed girls get enough love. A lot of tutorials or reviews you see on places like YouTube or Blogging Sites are from those with Blue/Green/Hazel eyes. We all know that each eye color has certain colors that compliment them best but I feel like Brown Eyes are very unique. Many eye looks  that are created look wonderful on Blue or Green eyes, but I find when I do them to myself something just looks off.. 

For Brown eyes I would recommend the NAKED 2 Pallet. The NAKED 2 pallet is full of great Golden Bronze shades that really compliment brown eyes. I use my NAKED 2 pallet every day along with my NAKED BASICS pallet.   

 So on to the NAKED BASICS review! Unlike the other NAKED pallets this one only has 6 shadows. 5 Matte colors and 1 sheen. $27.00 at Urbandecaycosmetics.com or your local beauty store! 

Venus - Soft creamy white highlight shade. Great for highlighting the inner corner of the eye as well as the brow bone.
Foxy - Yellow toned matte shade. Great matte brow bone highlight if you have a shimmery eye look. Its always good to balance out the eye. If you are wearing a shimmery lid or crease make sure to balance it out with a matte highlight. 
  W.O.S - Light pink nude shade. Also great for highlighting the brow bone or using as a transition color right above the crease to ensure a smooth and blended eye look.
Naked 2 - Cool toned light nude. I use this as my transition color every day. This color makes any shadow blend seamlessly into the crease.  
Faint - Cool toned brown with some warmth. Great for deepening the outer V, but should be used on top or under a shimmer color to get the best bledablity. By using a small amount of shimmer, the glitters in the pigment will help distribute the matte shade evenly and blending will not be an issue for you.  
Crave - Matte Black. Great for deepening the outer V as well, and also great for smoking out the lash line! I use mine over top of my pencil liners to give a softer, smoked out effect! 

Overall this is a great pallet, but the NAKED 2 pallet has many of the same shadows or shades that really do the same thing. I think overall I would recommend to someone with brown eyes, who does NOT own any of these pallets, to purchase the NAKED 2 pallet. NAKED BASICS pallet is really just great for those who have ran out of the basic colors in the NAKED 2 but don't want to have to repurchase the same pallet. I personally have used up all my Neutral shades in my NAKED 2 pallet but still have the shimmer colors left, that is the only reason I reach for my NAKED BASICS pallet every day. 

So what's the verdict?? PURCHASE THE NAKED 2 PALLET!! Get the most bang for your buck! NAKED 2 Pallet is $52.00 and you get 12 shades as well as a dual ended brush. 
(I use mine every day!!)  

Hope you enjoyed today's post!
xoxo, Michelle

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