Monday, January 27, 2014

Healthy Flavored Water

Need Help Getting Hydrated?

Drinking water is super important. Water helps with weight loss as well as cleansing the body of toxins. Some people say drink 2-3 liters of water every day but guess what!? Everyone's body is different! The best way to know if you are drinking enough water is..looking at your urine! It may be gross, but the color of your urine will tell you exactly how hydrated your body is. If your urine looks like Apple Juice, you are dehydrated and need to up your intake of water! The color your looking for is LIME JUICE, not Lemon Juice!  Sometimes it is hard to drink that much water every day, but by infusing some great flavors, it makes it a little easier to get your daily dose of water! I find myself drinking 3 to 4 more bottles of this water than I ever would regular water. 

Great fruits to use are..


Great metabolism boosters you can add are..

Cinnamon Sticks
Mint Leaves

I always use my Blender Bottle, but any water bottle will work! I love using the Blender Bottle because of the metal ball inside, it's a great way to mix up all your fruits! If you start to lose flavor just give it a shake and the Blender Ball really helps release all those flavors!! Just cut up a few pieces of fruits, add some mint or cinnamon and drink away!!

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