Saturday, February 15, 2014



A lot of products you have to use a few times before you can give a good review on them, but others you can really tell if it's going to work for you within just one use. First of all, the packaging really attracted my attention. For someone with flat hair, the word BOOST in bold letters really gets your attention! I had seen a few reviews on YouTube of this product, and kinda put it in the back of my mind. Of course when I went to TARGET it was on an end cap, catching my attention. It was on sale for $3.99(+tax) so I decided, what the heck! 

-- A little history on my hair: I have VERY thick straight hair, but all my volume is in the middle to ends of my hair. The top of my head is very flat and NOT easy to tease. I've always loved the look of teased hair but mine just doesn't ever turn out the way I want it to. Most likely because I have very soft, silky, thin stranded hair; so when I try teasing it just ends up falling out and uneven. I've always been a fan of dry shampoo, not to soak up oil but for volume. Although I really hate the white cast it leaves on dark hair --

Earlier in the day before I purchased this, I had curled my hair, so mind you I had a fresh curl on 2nd day hair. When I got home of course I had to try the spray!! Sectioning off the top, I sprayed just a small amount under the top layer and had immediate results! The lift and volume ISN'T AS good as a normal tease would be on normal hair, but it really helps give your hair some OOMFF!! I love it! You can spray it on the roots to give volume or on the mid-shaft of your hair for some added fullness! Would be a great spray to back comb with instead of hairspray. It also has a very pleasant smell! Which is always a plus!! :)

L'OREAL PRODUCT CLAIM: "Our high-performance finishing tool now at your fingertips. Get targeted root application with our unique fan spray for instant life and fullness and a modern back combing effect. Strong hold boosts body on any style for a voluptuous, textured look that lasts."



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