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Current ESSIE Polish Favs! 

I love ESSIE nail polish, and I love buying new colors because there are so many to choose from! But, lately I've been really happy with the colors I already have! There are so many different colors to choose from when you look at the display it can be a little overwhelming. If you're just looking to get into ESSIE nail polishes, I'm here to give you a look at some really versatile shades that are great to start off with!  

These are the 8 shades I think EVERYONE should own. They are great starters and gives you a taste of all the different formulas that ESSIE uses in their nail polishes. 
Top Left to Bottom Right

"Lapiz of Luxury"
"Good as Gold"
"Bahama Mamma"
"Set in Stone"
"Mint Candy Apple"
"Mind your Mittens"
"Sexy Divide"(NOT mentioned below, terrible formula)
So let's start talking about the different shades and what I use them for!!

Spring/Summer Shades: 

These are just a few great colors I think work great for the Spring and Summer Seasons! They are light and girly, and makes a great statement! They each have a different formula so they all apply different. Here are my thoughts on each one:

Set In Stones - Chunky Round Glitter with small glitter underlay. I recommend using this over a polish. This is great over ANY color, great for an accent nail! The only negative thing is it is VERY difficult to remove. It wears for a very long time, but when you're ready to remove it, I suggest wrapping your nails with a cotton ball soaked in acetone with foil over the top for about 10 minutes.

Lapiz of Luxury - The perfect Periwinkle color! Definitely more on the purple side rather than blue. So amazing for Spring! The formula is average opacity so 2 coats of this polish is necessary to get a great coverage. (I find that using 2 coats of any ESSIE nail polish makes them last much longer!

Mint Candy Apple - This is such a popular shade since Mint nails have really been trendy the past few years. I love this color during summer! It's a great shade to give your nails a POP and looks AMAZING on tan skin! The formula of this polish is great! The opacity gives you the option of only applying 1 coat, but I do recommend always using 2 coats for longer wear!

Good as Gold - First of all, let me say this formula is AWESOME! Because of the metallic in the formula, it makes this polish dry almost instantly after application! Great for if you are running late and don't have time to let your nails dry. The opacity allows you to only use 1 coat as well! So this is great for a super fast manicure! The only thing I have to say is, make sure that your nails are buffed and smooth. Because this is more of a matte metallic, it really emphasizes the ridges in your nails. But over all this is a great polish for all year round! Great for Summer with a great tan, or in Winter for the Holidays!    

Fall/Winter Shades: 

These are some of the great polishes I use during the Fall and Winter months. Dark, vampy colors are really trending right now for fall and winter. They match with any outfit and look really clean and edgy. 

Bahama Mama - This is a classic deep cranberry color. Perfect for the Holidays with the "Good as Gold" accent nail. Very festive, but also can be used during the Fall and Winter for everyday wear. The formula is also great, but 2 coats is necessary because the polish can apply a bit uneven. 

Mind Your Mittens - This is a very dark blue/green shade that is great if you don't want to wear black, but still want to have a dark, clean, simple looking nail. The formula is thick, but just like all the rest I recommend 2 coats to get the true color. This is a cool toned polish great for Fall/Winter wear! Looks wonderful on all skin tones, especially lighter tones. It gives a great contrast from skin to nails!

Licorice - This is by far the best BLACK polish I've ever tried. Many other black polishes are very thick and difficult to work with or they are very thin and take many coats to get a true black. This is the PERFECT formula! 2 coats will give you the perfect opacity and wears great with a top coat! I love wearing a black polish, its very trendy as well as clean and matches with everything! I have a light complexion and black really contrasts beautifully. This polish is super easy to work with and goes on very smooth! 

I ALWAYS recommend using a top coat for ALL polishes you use. No matter what!!! 

Those are all of the polishes I really recommend EVERYONE to go get for great staple everyday wear from the ESSIE line. There are of course a ton of different shades from ESSIE that are equally wonderful and wearable but these were just a few. 

Hope you enjoyed today's post!!
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xoxo, Michelle