Sunday, May 11, 2014

Foundation routine for the "Masked" girls!

I recently started Dental Assisting school and I found that my regular liquid foundation was NOT working well with wearing a mask all day. Every time I changed my mask there was makeup all over the inside, and my chin and cheeks were left with smeared/blotchy makeup. This was really bothering me so I decided I needed to try something else!

I used to use Bare Minerals foundation when I first started wearing makeup at 13 years old, but I slowly quit using it over the years and started trying new things. 

I decided to give it a go, one more time, because my mother uses this foundation and told me how long wearing and transfer resistant it was. 

  I use self tanner, so my body is much darker than my face, so I use a combination of shades. When I am fully self-tanned I use the shade "Medium-Tan(c30)" and when I am my natural pasty white I use the shade "Fair(C10)" and as my tan fades throughout the week I mix the two together to create a custom shade to match my body!

 On days where my foundation is a little bit lighter I will add some bronzer to my face to warm up my complexion as well as contour. I love using the "Benefit Hoola" And on days that I am pretty dark I love using a peachy blush to give my face some color! I love the elf Blush in "peechy keen"
 Here's the most important part!!! A setting spray is ESSENTIAL if you want to make your makeup last all day. I love the Urban Decay setting sprays! Since we are using a powder foundation this also helps the powder settle and not look like you have a bunch of powder on your face. Thus, making it look much more natural!!
I usually pair this foundation look with a really simple eye, usually just a shimmery shadow and lots of mascara! Perfect for everyday work makeup! 

I HIGHLY recommend this foundation routine to anyone who has to wear a face mask all day! It stays in place and doesn't rub off on things that touch it!

This is my typical work/school makeup! <3

Hope you enjoyed today's post!
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