Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Christmas Decor in an Apartment!

It's the Holiday Season!! I know it's not even Thanksgiving yet, but it seems like everyone is getting a head start on the Holidays this year. Decorating your home for the Holidays is one of the most nostalgic and heart warming activities, but it can be difficult for those living in a small apartment to get the same back home feel. It's hard to decorate an apartment in general just because of all of the rules you may have to abide by, such as not drilling holes in the wall to hang things, or painting the walls. In our case our apartment was already painted when we moved in...honestly I would rather have all the walls white, but that was not my choice. So I'm stuck with a medium warm toned tan color..yuck. So decorating can be difficult, but luckily I found the perfect Holiday decor to match our wall color and our personal style! All at a decent cost! In this post I'm going to be listing all the items we bought, and (estimating if I don't remember) how much each item costs! Hopefully this gives you some inspiration and an idea of how much money you may have to spend! Keep in mind this was our FIRST Christmas/Holiday Season we had to decorate our own apartment, so we were starting from scratch! 

Starting off, here is a little bit of an overview of what most of our Holiday Decor looks like! I'll be going through each item! 
Artificial 7' Tree - Target $53
We desperately wanted a real tree for our first Christmas but in an apartment an artificial tree is much more practical, and you can have it displayed for SO MUCH LONGER than a real one! And keep it forever! Woohoo!
String Lights(300) - Walmart $7
This was the PERFECT amount of lights for this tree. We barley had enough which was great because then we didn't have to figure out what to do with the extra!  
Ornaments(50) - Walmart $16.98
I originally bought 2 of these but ended up returning one because I only needed 50.
Star Tree Topper - Walmart $8
We really loved this topper because we thought it really pulled everything together.
Individual Personal Ornaments(4) - Walmart $1.97 each

Mantle Decor!
 Garland - Target $10
This garland ended up being SOO long when we took it out of the package, but it ended up being perfect! We folded it 3 times then laid it across the mantle, cutting the loops in the end making 3 separate strands.  
Burlap - Walmart $7
We ended up cutting this burlap piece in half long ways so we had 2 skinny pieces, then wrapped it around the garland!
String Lights(50) - Walmart $4
This was the PERFECT amount of lights. We ended up just laying the lights on top of the garland instead of wrapping it.  
Stockings - Walmart $8 each
 We couldn't find decently priced stockings we both really loved so we decided to stick with something that would match the colors of our decor the best out of the ones we did find!
Stocking Holders - Target $8
We picked up the Brass colored stocking holders to blend in with the garland and burlap. They work great so far! We will see how they hold up once the stockings are full with treats!
White Lantern - Target $12
I knew from the start that I wanted to get a lantern. I absolutely love this lantern and I will probably leave it up most of the year! It is battery operated and the candle inside flickers!
Chalk Board - Walmart $7
From the beginning I also knew I wanted to get a chalk board. I think they are so versatile and can be used all year round! Definitely an essential to Christmas photos also! 
Light-up JOY - Target $20
I was so over JOYED ;) when I saw this. I knew I had to have it, and I know I will be using it for years. It is battery operated.
Black Pedestal Candles - Target $10 
I previously owned these and have had them on my mantle for about a year. I absolutely love them and love the little accent it gives!
Gold Kerr Stacking Jars - Previously owned
I love reusing old jars for decor. I had these jars and painted them gold a few months ago, and I discovered they were the perfect finishing touch to my mantle decor!

Wrapping Paper!
Don't spend all your money on wrapping paper, go to the Dollar Store! I found this paper along with another that corresponds with it at the Dollar Store! So cute, festive, and classic!

So our grand total for our Holiday Decor was around $190! 

Hope you enjoyed today's post!
Happy Holidays!