Friday, January 9, 2015

Current Skin Care 2015

Since it is the new year, I decided my skin was going to be one of my resolutions. Getting great skin takes time, as well as trial and error with products! So here are the things I am currently trying out this new year for my skin! 

 So here are all of the products I use on my face, morning and night! I used to use different products in the morning, and at night, but found that was not working for my skin. So I decided to give my skin some consistency and get a routine! 

First of all I want to talk about my cleansers, and spot treatment from the drugstore. These are the only products I use that are NOT high end, and I'll tell you why!

So to start, you DON'T have to spend a fortune on your cleansers and makeup removers! A cleanser is on your face for a total of what, ten seconds? So why spend a bunch of money on something that has no lasting effect on your skin? You just want to make sure that the cleanser you are using is removing all of your makeup, or anything that is on your skin throughout the day. I am enjoying this particular cleanser because it is exfoliating! I have very dry skin in the winter time, and I find that if I use a cleanser that is just cream, it doesn't remove that little excess dry skin. Some of you may not want to use an exfoliating cleanser every day, but for my skin, it just works!!

Also, if you are finding that an exfoliating cleanser just isn't quite doing the job, use a sugar and coconut oil mixture once a week to really buff all that dry skin away! I love using this combo when I'm feeling EXTRA SCALY! LOL

Secondly, the Clean&Clear Spot Treatment is a favorite of many, because it simply WORKS! But if you have Cystic Acne like me, this WILL NOT HELP! I only apply this to small pimples that I get, that are not cystic. If you need to know more about why this does not work for cystic acne, you can research the causes and treatment of cystic acne. But this product works great for the average pimple!!

My Second cleanser I use is COCONUT OIL! Believe it or not, this is the best cleanser I have ever used, and it completely removes ALL OF MY MAKEUP! I just put a small amount in my hands, emulsify it, and start massaging it on to my DRY face. Using circular motions until all my makeup starts to break down, even my EYE MAKEUP! After you've massaged your skin for a while, lay a HOT cloth over your face to really pull the oil out of your skin, then simply wipe it all away!! This leaves your face clean, makeup-free, AND moisturized!! This is a great way to get all the jobs done in one, if you are a little lazy, or just don't have time for a full skincare routine! 

Now, we all know that just using good skin care is not going to magically make your skin amazing. It all starts with what you put INSIDE your body on the daily! So, always keeping a water bottle with you is such a great thing for your skin! Keeping hydrated will not only improve the look of your skin, but also helps with anti-aging! 

Also, taking a multivitamin, or Vitamin A! This is so important, and a great habit to get into!I take Vitamin A every morning with a glass of water!

 After cleansing your face comes the very important part. Now is the time to really replenish your skin with GOOD THINGS! This is where I like to spend a little more money, and get things that will really help my skin..

To start I have been using the Origins Balancing Tonic Toner! I just put a little bit onto a cotton round, and swipe all over my face. This toner helps balance the pH levels in your skin, fixes any pigmentation issues or acne spots, as well as helps moisturize the skin. This particular toner has NO ALCOHOL which is ideal for my skin, since I already have dry skin. Alcohol toners really strip the skin of all the natural oils, which is good for those who have very oily skin, but for me it just dries my skin out.

Second, is my Moisturizer. This is the Energy Boosting Moisturizer from Origins. I have just recently started using this product, but I am LOVING it so far. The smell is amazing, and it really locks in the moisture in my skin!

SIDE TIP: Another way to give your skin some moisture is a Humidifier while you're sleeping! This balances the moisture levels in the air, leaving your skin plump and refreshed when you wake up!! 

Now onto any Serums. I am currently using this Murad Pigment Lightening Serum Sample I received from Sephora. And I'm LOVING it so far! The full size is very expensive but if you have any pigmentation issues, or old acne scarring, this is for you! I've only been using it for 4 days and have already seen a difference! I will absolutely be purchasing the full size when I run out of the sample!

And lastly, about once every 2 weeks I like to use a facial mask. If I feel I need something very intense I use this Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay. This stuff is amazing at really pulling everything out of your skin, and refreshing it. But if I am feeling good about my skin, I love to use the individual masks you can get from the drugstore or ULTA. They give my skin a nice feel, and it's like a mini spa day! :)

What are your skin care secrets??