Monday, January 26, 2015

Gel Nail Fake!! *How To Make Your Normal Polish Look Like Gel Nails*

Gel nails have been very popular this last year, and the trend continues into 2015, but gel polish is extremely HARD on your nail! Gel polish makes your real nails look incredible, without the use of acrylic or any "artificial nails", but once you decided you don't want the gel anymore it becomes a huge problem for the health of your nails. 
I have extremely brittle, peeling nails naturally , so quite a few years ago I had acrylic nails for over 3 years straight.
Here is a picture of what my acrylic nails looked like. So beautiful, but so terrible for the health of my nails.

 Then after "gel nails" became popular I decided to give it a try. I had heard how great it was for your nails, protecting your natural nails, and no use of acrylic. So the shape of my nails was the ACTUAL shape of my nails! So, I had my acrylics taken off, and replaced with gel. No chipping, longer wear time, healthy for your nails, is what they claimed. Who wouldn't want that? I soon came to realize because my nails were so brittle and peeling to begin with, the gel did not work well with me. After just a week I had peeling and chipping. What a rip off? So I decided that I needed to remove the gel and get my natural nails healthy. 
What I quickly found out was that removing gel polish is NOT an easy or painless process... After long hours of soaking and peeling and scrubbing I finally got off all of the gel. I soon would realize the horror of this product. My nails were shot. Peeling, breaking, aching, throbbing, thin, brittle nails is what I was left with, worse than my nails were after getting my acrylics taken off. 
I then decided that this was the time I needed to make my natural nails healthy. So after a few years of clear coats, and buffing, and maintenance my nails were in a decent state. Sill peeling, still quite brittle but I could work with it.

I've found the perfect combination of products to recreate that beautiful gel nail look, without ruining your nails. This regimen actually HELPS your nails! Now, the wear time is not as long as gel nails, but with a sacrifice of doing my nails ever week and a half my nails are healthy, and I get complimented on how great they look.
I get asked constantly if my nails are gel, or if they are my real nails! 

Here are the products I use to create the illusion of gel nails...

 I always start with the Instant Artificial as my base coat. One layer, and let it completely dry before moving on. I get this a Sally's Beauty Supply!! It's very affordable!

Next I move onto my Revlon Colorstay Polish. This is the BEST polish I've ever used and will never use another brand. It is amazing on its own or in combination with these other products! I only use 1 coat of this because the pigmentation is so great!

Next is my Seche Vite top coat! This is amazing stuff! Gives your nails that "Gel Polish" shine, and it is quick drying!!